Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Looking For The Most “Haunted” Place In New Jersey? This Is It!

Looking For The Most “Haunted” Place In New Jersey? This Is It!

Looking For The Most “Haunted” Place In New Jersey? This Is It! post thumbnail image

The Devil’s Tree, New Jersey 

Anytime you have something extreme happen in a location like murders or suicides, there tends to be some kind of  residual energy left behind. Some people think that this energy never leaves a location and that it builds with emotions from the living.

Others say that it’s just like an old movie playing over and over at certain times of the day or throughout the years.Then again there are those who say that when something bad like this happens it opens a void, a void that allows dark things to cross over in our realm. 

Could this be a gateway for evil?

Trees are living things, so could there be a possibility that this tree has an evil aura around it that attracts negative things? It’s an interesting notion that could be possible, but most people will simply brush it off as nonsense, but then again who knows.

This isn’t the only haunted tree in existence, there are various trees in parts of the country and different parts of the world that have some strange stories behind them. 

The Devil’s tree in New Jersey is one of those locations, its reputation started decades ago when people were hung out of racist evil acts. Then the stories continued further on the decades as more bad things happened around this tree.

People would go to the tree to end their own lives, and eventually there were those who tried to cut down the tree but failed miserably. 

Why? Check out the video and find out! 


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