The Dibbuk box

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                                        The Dibbuk box

The Demon Inside Of The Box 

The Dibbuk box is said to hold a demonic entity that should NEVER be messed with or unleashed. Some think it's just a box and a spooky story created by superfluous people, but those who have had the box in their possession don't agree with that statement. Those who have had the box in their possession can all agree on one thing, there's something evil attached to the Dibbuk Box. 

There was a movie made about the Dibbuk box, but the movie was just one of those Hollywood film productions that was meant to scare people rather then tell the truth behind the box itself. So when someone hears about the box they generally reference the movie and think it's a bunch of nonsense. But the thing about this box is that it wasn't created on a Reddit meme like other popular stories, it's actually been around for centuries. 

So could the Dibbuk Box be saturated with demons or is it all just a story?

What do you think?

Check out the video by CreepeCentral 



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