The Dover Demon

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The Dover Demon

Alien Or Something Else?

The world’s a mysterious place full of creatures we have discovered and a ton more that we haven’t, but the Dover demon is something else? Now while stories like this are just hear say, you have to wonder if there ARE creatures like this out there waiting for us to discover them. The Dover demon has been called an alien by many, and others think it’s some humanoid cave dwelling thing that comes out at night to hunt. 

But is it real?

Now there’s been a few stories and some eye witness accounts but that’s about it. There hasn’t been any REAL evidence that we can verify this story as true, but who knows. With all of the fake videos and pictures out there, it’s hard to tell what’s real from what isn’t. Check out this back story on the Dover demon and let us know your thoughts. 

Could it be real?

Be sure to check out this video we found by Crypticc , it’s pretty interesting and will make you think! 


Video Source – Crypticc

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