There’s Something Evil Inside Of This Elmo, Proceed With Caution

The Evil Elmo Doll

When you think of haunted dolls, ones like Annabelle or Robert come to mind. Usually, the dolls are old and look antique in some kind of way, but not this doll. It’s an Elmo doll of all things, just a regular-looking Elmo doll. However, this doll comes with more than just a few phrases, it comes with its own entity! Check out the video post below.

The Evil Elmo Doll

SOURCE – Paranormal Junkie

The Possessed Elmo Doll

It’s scary to think that a simple doll like an Elmo could come with something else. For some of us, it makes us think twice before buying dolls at a vintage shop. You never know what could be hiding within the confines of the doll. Could something like this move from the doll to another doll or perhaps a person? No one knows for sure how it all works, what they do know is there is something else.

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