The Flatwoods Monster 

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The Flatwoods Monster 

Could the Monster Still Be Out There?

Whenever we hear ghost stories, stories about demons, and other other worldly stories most of us tend to look at them in a skeptical way. We live in a day and age of what we consider is reason, an age where everything has to be backed by scientific evidence of some sort. If we can’t hold it or touch it or it isn’t proven in some sort of manner than it doesn’t really exist. But what about all the strange legends and tales of monsters in woods and various other locations. 

Could the be real or are they all fake?

Could the creepy ghost stories or scary poltergeist tales actually be true? Some say they are especially those who tell the tales in the first place. Now while there have been many stories which have been proven false, there are those stories that we simply can’t find any REAL explanation for. This is the case of the strange story of  Flatwoods West Virginia Monster. It’s one of those stories that passes on throughout time, people come up with all kinds of explanations but  don’t really have any solid proof. 

The Flatwood woods monster story originated in West Virginia in 1952. Supposedly a group of boys saw something flash in the sky like a shooting star, except this was no shooting star. It was really bright and left a streak of something that made them nauseous. When they went to investigate what had crashed they came upon a being that was floating, it sort of hissed at them and when it started gliding towards them before they ran off. 

Now of course the police and others involved in the investigation didn’t turn up any evidence, they said it could have been their imaginations just going crazy, but the boys stories remained the same. 

What did they see in the sky, and what did they see in the woods that night?

Check out the video for the full story 


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