The Ghost Of Minnie Quay

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The Ghost Of Minnie Quay

The Ghost of Minnie Quay is one of those stories where it could actually be made into a movie. Some say that this story is similar to the ghost of the Hotel Del Coronado, but I honestly don't see any similarities besides there being a ghost haunting a location. Anyways this story seems more like a Romeo and Juliet type of story than anything. 

The story of Minnie Quay is about a young rich woman that fell in love with a poor sailor, you probably already know where the story is going at this point. Anyways the ghost of this girl has been seen waiting for her loved one to come back to shore. Many say they've seen her at the shoreline walking around waiting for her long lost love to come back. 

Check out the full story of the Ghost of Minnie Quay 



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