The Giant Bird Known As Birdzilla aka The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird

It's a mysterious bird or bird like creature that has been reportedly seen since the days of the Indians. They say that this is a gigantic bird the size of a small plane, some say this bird doesn't bother anyone but others say otherwise. Some say there are different types of these birds but the real question is this, how have they eluded us for so many centuries? The odd thing is that this story REALLY brings us to the reason WHY we even started this site. 

I'm not going to disclose the location, but some years ago a couple of us decided to go on a late night walk near a dam in Indiana. It was in a semi secluded area and it was a little before midnight. We heard something coming from the bottom of the dam close to a rocky area, it's a well known spot great for fishing. Anyways we heard something moving around in the rocks and when we approached the edge of the damn we saw the biggest thing flying up towards the moon across the lake. We heard a loud WOOSH sound and right after that we heard a loud bang come from the woods behind the rocky area.


We didn't stay around to see anything else, we ran as fast as we could but before exited the area we heard the bird creature land in a tree across the small lake. It sounded like a car crashed into the tree, it was intense. The following day I went to check the area around the tree and it was almost as if the tree were hit by a small plane. There were large branches everywhere but no sign of the bird creature or sign of whomever was shooting at it. Once we got out of the area we heard police sirens going off in the area, they probably were notified by someone living close to there that heard the gun shot and went to check it out. 

Ever since then we've always wondered what we saw…. Could it have been the Thunderbird?

The Thunderbird

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