Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Grudge Gets An F, Slammed By Audiences And The Critics Alike

The Grudge Gets An F, Slammed By Audiences And The Critics Alike

The Grudge Gets An F,  Slammed By Audiences And The Critics Alike post thumbnail image

Before we get started we just want to say there WON’T be any spoilers in this article for those of you who STILL want to see the movie. Now before we get into what we thought about the movie, lets talk about the reviews. The Grudge got a rare F from the critics. Now if you’re like us you know that there are many times where the critics are wrong. I’ve seen some pretty awesome movies that the critics trashed, so we didn’t go off of that in our decision to watch the movie.

It got around 17 percent like by the critics and 21 percent ratio from movie goers. Now this is a problem when both movie goers and critics alike both think a movie stinks. Most of the time you have some sort of division between the measures, but not this time. Last but not least the movie only made 11 million opening weekend. It was probably due to the fact that people didn’t know what to think about the movie before hand.

In a day and age of reboots, it seems as if we have to really be careful what to watch so we don’t end up wasting money…. GhostBusters… cough, cough. In all seriousness we saw this movie and we left the theater not knowing what to think. It was almost as if the movie has its hints of scary parts, but then parts where you’re left thinking…. What the heck just happend.

We know the tried to go with a different theme and vibe for this one which was a cool thought. But then again sometimes you try and fail, and in the case of the Grudge, they failed pretty big time.

What do you think of it? Check out this video review we found by YellowFlash2 and a trailer of the Grudge below that by SonyPictureEntertainment

Video Source YellowFlash2

Video Source – SonyPictureEntertainment

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