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The Hanging Tree – Texas 

The One Tree You Don’t Want To Mess With 

There are certain locations that have a creepy reputation, the Hanging Tree in Kyle, Texas is one of them. Now while the tree supposedly served as a tree of justice, some say that the tree is now surrounded by evil and is a feeding ground for negative energy.

There were numerous outlaws and criminals that were hung in front of crowds here, it’s not really known how many were actually sentenced to death. 

But what is known is that most of those people aren’t at rest. Some say that there were those who were actually innocent, imagine being falsely accused of something and then hung, would you be a rest?

Imagine how many people were falsely accused of something. How many of them were just hung there for no reason at all? The residual energy left behind by those were hanged has to still be there.

Check out the video by DEAD EXPLORER  of this paranormal investigator and what he found when he provoked the the ghosts at the hangman’s tree. 

Video Source – Dead Explorer 

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