Looking For A Haunted Getaway? Ohio’s Oldest And Longest Running Haunted Inn Is It!

The Buxton Inn 



Ohio’s longest and oldest running overnight stay, the Buxton Inn first opened its doors in the early 1800s. Besides being an inn, the Buxton also served as a stagecoach stop and a post office. Throughout the decades the inn has had its share of visitors including political figures and celebrities. The Buxton also has a very extensive paranormal history behind it.

Ohio’s Most Haunted Hotel

Workers, ex-owners, and past employees believe the ghosts that are haunting the inn are past owners and workers that loved the place. Even in death, they came back to the one place they loved to be at. Could they still be there managing things, making sure everything is in working order? Visitors and staff have reported hearing and seeing some rather strange things. Some have seen full-body apparitions moving around the inn. Others have heard people walking and having conversations in completely empty rooms.

A video we found of a paranormal group out of Ohio 

Video Source – Ohio Ghosttown Exploration Co.

The Most Haunted Inn In Ohio 

The Buxton Inn doesn’t have a terrifying or gruesome history behind it. It’s simply one of those places you go and have fun at. It’s a getaway from the mundane world of basic routines. It’s no wonder the ghosts of the past have come back to stay in the afterlife.

Are you interested in checking this place out? Here’s their site >> http://buxtoninn.com/

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