This 14th Century Irish Castles Paranormal History Could Fill A Book

Leap Castle | Roscrea, Ireland

Roscrea, Ireland’s Leap castle was built sometime between the 14th and 15th centuries. Leap served as a century guard outpost from Slieve Bloom to Munster. The haunted castle saw its share of violence and bloodshed throughout its long history. The most haunted part of the castle is said to be its torture chamber. Countless lives were lost in those dark chambers, and many think a lot of those restless spirits are still there.

The Haunted Castle

One of the more well-known entities that haunt the castle is an elemental. It’s a very powerful being that causes extreme panic and fear in those who come across It. Guests who have come across the elemental say it’s not a normal ghost, and that it’s something else. Could this entity be something that has been on the grounds of this castle since the beginning? Paranormal experts say the elemental can also shapeshift into a human-like animal hybrid.

A Guide to Visiting Stirling Castle
A Guide to Visiting Stirling Castle

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