The Haunted Croke-Patterson Mansion

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The Haunted Croke- Patterson Mansion 

Built in 1890’s, Colorado’s historic Croke- Patterson Inn is a beautiful place to see and visit. The historic and very haunted location is now seeking permission for their guests to be able to consume cannabis in a social setting. 

The Patterson is looking to transform a room into a cannabis friendly environment. The problem is that it’s in a zone that prohibits these places. The owner is looking to create a coffee shop where you can get a snack, a nonalcoholic drink, and some cannabis in a responsible adult environment. 

The current ordiance in place prohibits lounges within a 1000 feet of schools, rec centers, and so on. The problem is that many are saying that city officials have somewhat overstepped their boundaries when it comes to restrictions. Now the owners will ask a judge for permission, so it will be sometime before this actually happens, if ever does. 

The Croke-Patterson mansion was built by a wealthy businessman by the name of Thomas Croke who also served as a U.S. Senator. Croke took awhile to find the perfect spot in order for him to build the ideal mansion he envisioned. 

The strangest part was Thomas Croke only stepped foot in it 1 time after the mansion was completed before he eventually sold it off to Thomas Patterson. Thomas Patterson lived in the house for several decades, but stories say that Thomas Croke sold the house because he was so disturbed by something that had happened to him when he first entered his home. 

No one really knows what exactly saw in the mansion, but many say it was the spirits in the area he had angered by building this place. His ghostly encounter was so vivid that he wanted nothing to do with the mansion, and he just left it alone until some one finally bought it. That was decades ago and now It’s said that it’s one of Denver’s most haunted locations..

The Haunted Luxury Bed And Breakfast 

After Thomas Patterson eventually sold it, it was empty for years on end until a company saw an opportunity to create a  luxury bed and breakfast. Even though it’s a high end luxury bed and breakfast, the Croke Patterson Mansion has SEVERAL reports of creepy and spooky things going on.

Would you stay in it’s most haunted rooms?

Check out the video by CinemaLibre we found in reference to a form owner and his CREEPY experience.

Source – CinemaLibre

Another creepy video by WeAreSpiritChasers at the Patterson Inn

Video Source – WeAreSpiritChasers





  1. I am on the bed reading this from the Patterson Inn! I promise. Will report back if anything interesting happens…

    1. Yes let us know if it does, and if you record anything let us know and we will post it on our page and on here if you would like!

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