Could The Footage Of This Los Angeles Hotel Prove There’s A Entity In It?

The Haunted Hotel – Stay On Main 

Los Angeles, California’s Stay On Main has a terrifying history behind it. One drenched in death, horror, and paranormal activity that the name had to e changed from the Cecil to Stay On Main. Throughout the years the hotel has had some pretty terrifying accounts of suicides and murder. One of the most recent ones is the death of Elisa Lam.

The list of deaths stretches back the better part of almost 100 years. Almost 20 have passed away on the grounds of the Stay On Main hotel. Many believe this is the cause for all of the paranormal activity going on. Shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have done paranormal investigations on its grounds. But of all the deaths the one of Elisa Lam sticks out the most. It’s because of the footage leading to the last moments of her life that’s terrifying.

Check out the footage and let us know what you think


Haunted Hotel Or Something Else?

There are those who theorize that she had some kind of schizophrenia disorder that lead her to do this. It still doesn’t explain the fact that she ended up drowning in the building’s water tank. Either someone was there or something else was following her. There are too many things that don’t add up. Could something similar is going on there like the movie 1408? Once you check in a certain room you don’t check out?

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  1. Normally I don't comment on these types of pages but …. if you really look at the elevator footage, you'll see she is mimicing the actions of apparent shaow people/ghosts in the elevator. First when she's hitting all the buttons, you can see a shadow doing exactly the same thing once she is out of the elevator, there is also a tall shadow on the door when it closes. Both shadows are showing movement in the same actions she did. I'm no expert but I would say she was influenced by something in the building.

  2. i dont think its paranormal.  she's clearly distressed.  maybe someone was following her. the elevator is old and maybe it was malfunctioning.  why are there no other cameras in the hotel except for this one?  i think its a cover up from the hotel.  maybe an employee was bothering her.  whatever happened it sure is sad.  poor girl. 

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