You Can Take A Ghost Tour And Spend The Night In This Georgia Hotel

The haunted Marshall house

Paranormal Activity In Savannah, Georgia

Since 1851, the haunted Marshall House has been at the forefront of paranormal activity in Savannah, Georgia. It’s been showcased on the Travel Channel numerous times because of all the strange and creepy things going on. The location is said to be so haunted that they keep track of all the activity in an incident journal. 

Video Source – Wil Paranormal

The Most Haunted House In The States

The amount of paranormal activity within the haunted Marshall House is beyond crazy. Numerous guests have reported seeing full-body apparitions of civil war soldiers walking around the halls. Imagine going to a hotel and seeing something like that, would you tell anyone? Guests and workers have also reported hearing and seeing doorknobs moving, faucets turning on, and even the sounds of children playing coming from empty rooms.

Dust or something more?

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Could the spirits of the soldiers who passed in the Marshall still be walking the halls? So much pain and agony were felt there during their surgeries. There was no medicine or help to relieve pain from the amputations. It was all pain and misery, and many didn’t survive it. Guests have reported seeing phantom soldiers in the hallways. Would you be brave enough to stay the night?

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Would you stay in the Marshall House?

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