This Haunted Kentucky Tavern Has Been Open Since 1770

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The Old Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, Kentucky

The History Of The Old Talbott Tavern

If you’re looking for a haunted hotel to stay at that’s rich in history, the old Talbott Tavern Bed and Breakfast is the place to go. It’s been said it’s one of the most haunted locations in Kentucky and for good reason.

It’s been around since 1779 and has never once closed its doors.

The historical value alone is worth the stay, those who have visited are the French king Louis Philippe, George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, and even Abraham Lincoln. Some who have stayed here have said they’ve actually run into some familiar faces, even outlaws like Jesse James stayed in the inn. The only time that tavern was closed was around 1998 when it suffered a fire, but it was full restored back to its original state.

About The Old Talbott Tavern Inn

The Talbott only has 5 rooms but they’re decorated in an antique style that will make you think you went back in time. The atmosphere is said to be welcoming and very home like, the Talbott has been featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network. But don’t let the smiles and warm southern hospitality fool you, it’s said this place is 13th on the list of most haunted inns in the United States.

This first video is of a brief history of the Talbott Tavern Inn 

Video Source – The back40films

This video is of a guy doing an investigation within the hotel room

Video Source – DhWang80


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