The Hands Resist Him- SOme Say This Haunted Painting Comes To Life

The Haunted Painting 

Throughout history, there have been various objects that are said to have a curse on them. The haunted painting by the name of “The Hands Resist Him” is one of them. The painting was done in 1972 by a painter who created a personal reflection of his childhood and things yet to have happened in his life. The painting isn’t known for its beauty or craftsmanship, but for its paranormal connection. Supposedly a lot of odd things happen when people are around it.

The painting is supposed to have some type of strange hypnotic type of effect on those who gaze upon it. There even those who have said they’ve felt the same type of odd connection from seeing it online. We looked at the painting in various pictures and didn’t feel any kind of connection at all. However, there are numerous stories of some odd things going on with this painting.

Haunted Painting or Mind Tricks?

While witnesses claim there is something paranormal or off about this painting. There are many who say there’s nothing wrong and that it’s all just made-up stories. Could it be that the stories and legends of paranormal activity all started to boost the artist’s work? Or could there be more that we just don’t understand, a hidden realm of reality that is based within the painting? Whatever the case, this painting is a bit odd and intriguing at the same time!

Check out the video we found by paranormal Junkie and see for yourself.

Video Source – paranormal Junkie

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