The Haunted Restaurant That Used To Serve As a Morgue for Titanic Victims

The Haunted Restaurant

Halifax’s The Five Fisherman Restaurant is located in a building that was originally constructed to be a school house in 1817. It sits across from the oldest building in Halifax, built in 1750, the year after Halifax was founded.

After years of being a schoolhouse it eventually couldn’t meet the needs of the growing population and was taken over by the Snow family. They used the location as mortuary and it would become infamous for playing a role in 2 of the world’s greatest disasters.


It eventually closed its doors and the restaurant came to play. However the remnants of the mortuary and those disasters haven’t left the establishment. Some say many of the dead from the Titanic are still roaming around causing disturbances.

There have been reports from staff and patrons alike about some of these creepy things. Some have witnessed chairs moving on their own, glasses flying off shelves. There are also a lot of reports of strange sounds, conversations coming from empty rooms and even ghostly apparitions.

Besides the creepy haunted factor the place looks awesome and we’ve heard the food and atmosphere is amazing. If you’re into haunted places and are going to be in the Halifax area check out their site here > FIVE FISHERMEN RESTAURANT

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