Would You Go Down a Road With A Creepy Name Like Shades Of Death?

The Haunted Road Of Death

Most of you have probably heard of a few scary roads haunted roads like Colorado’s Riverdale Road, or New Jersey’s Clinton Road. While those roads are creepy as heck, the name of this road alone is enough to send people the opposite way. I mean who in their right mind would go down a road by the name of SHADES OF DEATH ROAD?

Those who have been on this road say that it’s the scariest road that they‘ve EVER been on. However, there are those that say nothing out of the ordinary happened, and that a lot of what’s said that’s gone on there is just stories. There are still those stories that make you think twice about going down that road. The element of the paranormal could be real or fake, but the real threat lies in those who are there to do harm to others.

Check out the videos we found, the first is by THESEMYTHS, and the second is by KARL DORRER , they’re pretty creepy! Could the stories of the haunted road be true? Could there be more than just human predators lurking on this road?


In the second video, there’s supposedly a ghost caught on camera. Do you think this was an actual ghost or something else? Could the name of the road be causing paranoia and nothing more? Or do you think there’s something far more paranormal happening here?


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