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The Haunted Tale Of Gracie Watson

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The Haunted Tale Of Gracie Watson

Behind every photograph there's always some kind of story. In 1993, Savannah Georgia photographer Jack Leigh took a job as a photographer to showcase a cemetery; the cemetery was Bonaventure cemetery in Alabama. His photograph of “the bird girl” statue became well known and immediately put the cemetery on the map. After so much popularity some concern grew over the safety of the statue of the little girl, it was removed and placed in a secure location.

Bonaventure cemetery is already known for being one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States, so the statue brought even more eyes to this location. The state is that of a little girl named Gracie Watson that died at 6 years old of Pneumonia. The statue was created by a sculptor that created a life size recreation of her. It’s said that the little girl still wanders around playing and laughing.

Some say that she’s still around the grounds of the hotel that her dad was the manager at, the same location where she died at. The hotel is no longer there but her spirit still wanders around.

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