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Willow Creek Farm

Most Haunted Place In America

Willow Creek Farm is located in Cherry Grove Township in Carroll, Illinois. The area around the Willow Creek farm has a dark historical significance for the Dakota, Winnebago, Sauk, Illiniwek Indians, as well as the European settlers that colonized that area. Battles were fought in and around this land and countless people died tragically in the area. 

The house has had a long history of various owners, and some of them simply didn’t or haven’t let it go, even in the afterlife! Some have said that there are at least 7 entities in the house, and all have their supposed ties to the house and have some sort unfinished business. The worst of these ghosts is the entity known as the “creeper”

Let’s just say this is one entity you DON’T want to meet face to face! 

Check out the video by Living Dead Paranormal and you’ll see what we mean!  


Video by  Living Dead Paranormal

Ghost Walk Ghost Tour 

Are you interested in checking this place out? They offer tours but THEY choose who can come, check out their site here >>>


3 thoughts on “Welcome To The Most Haunted Place In America – Willow Creek Farm”
  1. I would love to witness the hauntingat this home. I have always been interested in the possibilities of hauntings!  I have always questioned what I have done or have been in my previous life, because of  my profound interests. 

    1. This a cool fact- the owner of the Willow Creek Farm is my grandpa’s cousin. I have meant him once, when I was little. There was said to be a spirit that follows him around and someone in my family, who has a sensitivity, actually saw the spirit. I think her name was Sarah or something.

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