The Hinterkaifeck family murder

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The Hinterkaifeck family murder

The Oddest Crime Scene Investigation In History 

When it comes to unsolved crime cases and odd crime scene investigations, the Hinterkaifeck Family murders are at the top of the list.  What makes this infamous case so special are the odd things that started popping up. As the investigation went on and the evidence started to grow, the further away from a reason or suspect the case went. Some may argue that since this happened in the 1920's, the devices, tools, and methods weren't up to par like they are now. 


The Hinterkaifeck family story is a bit similar to that of the  VIllisica Axe Murder Case. The case in which an entire family and guests from Iowa were slaughtered without anyone ever being convicted for the murders.

Check out the video and let us know what you think! 

Check out the entire story in this video by Hans Barks 

Video Source – Hans Barks


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