A Terrifying Look At Hoia-Baciu| The World’s Most Haunted Forest

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The Hoia-Baciu Forest

Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest is said to be “one of the worlds most haunted forests” and for a good reason. The forest is known as “Romania’s Bermuda Triangle” because of all the odd and unexplained things going on here, not to mention the countless people who have up and vanished into thin air. For centuries there have been stories about this forest and about the demons, spirits, and other things that roam around it. 

Those who have been in the forest have reported feeling as if they were being watched and having severe anxiety. Others have reported feeling extremely scared for no apparent reason at all, even people who haven’t heard of the scary tales about the forest.

Some say that there’s an energy center located somewhere within the forest, the energy works as a spiritual vortex and can also explain the random disappearances that have occurred here. Could there by some type of wormhole or something similar causing these disturbances? 

Whatever the case the Hoia-Baciu forest is one place you don’t want to end up alone at. 

Check out the videos and let us know what you think, would you go here and check it out?

SOURCE – Exploring With Josh 

Source – Paradrome

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