Anyone Who Comes Across The Hope Diamond Could Meet Horrible Fate

The Curse Of The Precious Gem

The mere fascination with The Hope Diamond has become an obsession for some. That same obsession has become nothing more than a nightmare for those who have come across it. Supposedly the diamond was plucked from the eye of an idol. Locals said the area was cursed and that anything that left it would also be cursed. Even touching the diamond is said to be a no-go. If you want to fall victim to the curse, all you have to do is touch it.

Numerous people have owned or come into contact with the diamond. Just about all of them have suffered some kind of terrible tragedy in their lives. There are a few exceptions of some people having extraordinary luck while in possession of the diamond. However, the majority of those who have held the Hope diamond haven’t had good luck. 

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The World’s Most Cursed Diamond

It seems as if the diamond does have some kind of curse behind it. Then again how do you explain the good luck that some have had while in possession of the diamond? Could the diamond feed off of energy and give you what you deserve? Who knows, but what is known is that this diamond isn’t something you would want in your jewelry box. Would you be brave enough to test out if the curse was real or not? Would you be willing to put your life on the line, or do you think it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus?

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