The Horrors Of Black Friday

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The Horrors Of Black Friday

So you thought this time of the year was supposed to be for joy and happiness, well I guess the Black Friday shoppers didn't get the memo. Its sad to think that people act like this when something goes on sale, and frankly the sales aren't really that good. So they go nuts over something that is on sale but don't go nuts about the things that they're supposed to. So why do people go all crazy over 20 dollars off an item when any other time of the year they don't even bat an eye over it?

I mean there's sales at different times of the year that make the sales on Black Friday look rather weak, yet most of these people flock like sheep or wild birds trying to get to some food. It's insane to think about what the world would really look like if something really happened. We're all worried about zombies and attacks of that nature, but in reality this is worse that that. Imagine if a store had a free give away, imagine the horrors that would take place there. 

We all have seen what people do during games and other kinds of sporting events, imagine what they would do in a time of emergency. Videos like this make me shake my head and feel bad for us humans, it's sad to say that we think we're so advanced mentally and technology wise, but in reality we aren't. 

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The Horrors Of Black Friday


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