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The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado – San Diego California

This monstrous yet lavish Hotel del Coronado sits on Coronado Island San Diego right off the mainland. It’s beautiful place surrounded by an awesome view. Now while this luxury accommodated hotel brings smiles and happiness out of most who visit it, there’s a paranormal active side that lurks behind it.

There are 2 specific rooms that are reportedly haunted in the Hotel Del Coronado, it’s rooms 3502, and 3312.

The ghost that is said to haunt the room 3312 is the ghost o f a girl that committed suicide in the hotel waiting for a lover that never came. People say that the curtains and other objects in the room move by themselves.

Best Haunted Travel Location In San Diego

There are also reports of apparitions, female voices, singing, and the smell of perfume when in these rooms. It’s not known why the other room is haunted, but similar occurrences have been reported in that that room.

Check out the video to learn more about  The Hotel Del Coronado

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