The House That’s So Haunted Even Realtors Say It Won’t Sell

Now we have showcased a variety of haunted houses with creepy back stories. Some houses have gruesome histories that are surrounded by death and despair. But this place is on another level when it comes to be haunted.

The home is actually a former medieval prison in the town of St. Osyth, England. The house is known by it’s creepy name “The Cage” because of its use as a prison in the medieval times.

It’s so dang haunted that the former owner was only able to stay there for 3 years before letting go of the house. It’s been vacant since around 2004 and now it’s up for sale again.

Besides all of the creepy stuff going on there, one of the most terrifying things that happened there was in the year of 1582. 14 women were accused of being witches and were throw in jail there. 2 of them were charged with being witches and were eventually hanged.

The Cage was a prison until around 1908 and became a regular home. Well not regular by any means but I guess they wanted to change the atmosphere of the place and failed miserably. You can’t make a prison into a home after centuries of horror and terror.

Anyways if you’re interest in buying this place check out the videos we found by The Paranormal Files and New Mirror News TV. In the first video you’ll hear some of the experiences that the former owner had in the house!

Video Source – The Paranormal Files

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  • Steven

    She lived in that village her whole life and DIDN’T know that this house was haunted. Yeah, right. This chick knows what she’s doing. She’s wants to make a killing off of her “unknown” haunted house.

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