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Chicago’s Most Haunted  – The Hull House 

There are a ton of haunted and strange places in the city of Chicago, but none have a creepier  origin story than Chicago’s most haunted place, the Hull House. The place isn’t even that big but the story behind it is, supposedly a woman by the name of Jane Adams ran a house for immigrants here in the early 1900’s. 

Even at that time the residents and even Jane Adams herself were very disturbed by the constant foot steps and sounds that were coming from within the house at night and even during the day. The most mysterious part is that supposedly a devout catholic woman had a baby on the property, but it wasn’t a normal baby. 


It was supposedly the DEVILS BABY

The baby supposedly had a tail, horns, and scales on it, and when it cried it would let out a blood curling scream! Now the location is a museum and people have seen and heard all kinds of scary things. This house is the type of place that good scary movies are made from!


Check out the video by Ivan Mesa  and let us know what you think! 



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One thought on “Chicago’s Most Haunted – The Hull House”
  1. I’ve been researching this field for a few years and have visited some rather creepy locations myself in my home state of California. After reading this article, I can say that I am intrigued.

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