The Immortal Count Of Saint Germain

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The Immortal Count Of Saint Germain 

Imagine being able to do ANYTHING that you wanted to do without the greatest fear of all, the fear of death. Imagine being able to live as long as you want and do whatever it is that you want. Imagine the magnitude of knowledge that you could gain as time went on. But then you have to think about how lonely you would actually be once everyone you came to love and know died. You would constantly have to keep moving so that people wouldn't know about you. 

The count of Saint Germain is one of those stories where it's a he said she said type of deal. When someone assumes something then others follow suit, then the stories start. This many supposedly lived almost a 100 years but some say that he didn't die, and that he faked his death in order not to be found out. But those who saw the grave and the counts body say otherwise. But it's fascinating story none the less, the thought of being an immortal. 

If you had the chance to gain immortality would you do so?

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