The Joe Ball Story | The Inspiration Behind The Movie “Eaten Alive”

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Inspiration Behind The Movie "Eaten Alive"

If you've ever seen the 1970's movie  EATEN ALIVE you know how messed up this story really is. It's the movie about the creepy Texas hotel owner who would murder women and then feed them to his pet crocodile. The real life killer was a man by the name of Joe Ball who became known as  "The Alligator Man". This deranged lunatic also had this  strange fascination and obsession with crocodiles. 

Joe Ball sadistic monster who enjoyed torturing and murdering women for his pleasure. He used his small motel as a cover for his evil doings, he would lure women back to his hotel and carry out his sadistic plan, he would prey mostly on prostitutes and since most of them were homeless or runaways he knew no one would come looking for them.

Check out the video we found about this sick man and let us know if you've ever seen the movie! 

The Joe Ball Story 


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