You May Run Into The Woman In Black At This Colorado Cemetery

The lady In Black 

There’s a small cemetery in Central City, Colorado known as the Masonic Cemetery that’s known for having a peculiar visitor, the ghost of a woman in black. Supposedly between the months of April and November people have witnessed seeing a ghostly woman dressed in all black putting flowers on the grave of a man who is buried there. The man’s name is John Edward Cameron and it’s still a mystery as to why she is there and who this woman in black really is.

Some say that she’s still mourning a love she lost and that she may have never come to terms with the loss, even in the afterlife. Others say that she may have poisoned the man and that she’s still guilt-ridden even in death and is still looking for some kind of forgiveness. The strangest part is that she’s been seen by people who were in the cemetery, they saw her up close and she even passed them like she was someone just visiting the cemetery. 

The odd part is the way that she dressed isn’t in a manner that people would be dressed like in our time. It’s also said that when she passes you that you get this rather odd and weird type of feeling that’s usually accompanied by a very sharp chill. There have been people who have tried to go up to her and talk to her, but when they get close to her she simply vanishes into thin air. 

While there is no recorded history of this woman and why she’s visiting him, the sightings continue and the story lives on. Would you visit this place to see if the story and legends are true? 

Check out this video we found on the location 

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