An Inside Look At The Terrifying Lake That Turns Dead Animals Into Stone

The lake that turns everything into stone

The Deadliest Lake In The World

North Tanzania’s, Lake Natron isn’t the kind of lake you would want to go swimming at. It’s the kind of lake that turns dead animals into stone. Lake Natron is a salt lake, the water flows in but doesn’t flow out like other lakes. The only time the water leaves is when it evaporates. So with time it leaves behind high concentrations of salt and various other minerals. The difference between Lake Natron and others is its high amount of alkaline. The water’s pH is so high it’s almost as high as ammonia.

The World’s Deadliest Lake

You wouldn’t expect to find anything living in a lake that turns dead animals into stone. However, it’s home to a single fish species, algae, and flamingos who feed on the algae and live on the shore. It’s crazy to think that any animal could survive this lake. At times the temperatures can reach 140 degrees, talk about insanity. Check out a video we found and let us know what you think.

Video Source – What If

Video Source – SciShow

The Lake That Turns Dead Animals Into Stone

It’s thought that migrating birds get confused by the highly-reflective surface and crash into the water. This same issue happened to a helicopter pilot that tragically lost his life in the lake. Just coming into contact with the water could be potentially dangerous. Even the slightest cut on your skin mixed in with the water would create immense burning like pain. Imagine being dropped into the water, you probably wouldn’t survive very long at all.
It’s crazy to think that such a terrifying place could also hold beauty and life. I know one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to fall into the lake that turns dead animals into stone, would you?


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