The Last Documented Witch Trial In Great Britain

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The Last Documented Witch Trial In Great Britain 

While most people still look for facts about the Salem witch trial, little is known about Great Britain's last documented witch trial which happened in Essex in 1863. A man was accused of being a witch and  practicing witchcraft and being a warlock in this case. 

This was the LAST documented witch trial is the sad case of revenge and utter stupidity. It happened in a town that was still so deeply involved in superstitious thought that even a small accusation of this kind could lead to your death. Imagine being beaten and forced into confessing that you were a witch even though you weren't. This is exactly how this story came to be and some say this is probably why this was the last witch trial of it's kind in Great Britain. 

How do people prove someone is a witch? I mean honestly how would someone actually be able to tell if someone were a witch, you would need some kind of solid proof in order to really be able to call someone a bonefied witch. The way they supposedly did this was by the use of a water tank….They would throw the person who was accused of being a witch in water while being bound  by the hands and feet and if the person accused was a witch they would be rejected by the water, if not they would drown… 

Ok…. I'm not the smartest person but that doesn't sound like a sound plan to me, but then again they would call witches the evil barbarians, maybe they should have looked in the mirror. 

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