The Legend Of Bloody Mary

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The Dark Legend Of Bloody Mary 

The legend of Bloody Mary is one of t hose stories that most of us grew up with, the story about if you look into a mirror and say her name that she will supposedly come out and scratch you. But what would the real history behind the Bloody Mary Legend? There are are a few variations and there are a few different stories where Bloody Mary actually came from. Some say it was the evil Queen of England who used to like to take baths in the blood of virgins. Others say that the story came from a house in Ohio where a woman named Mary lived in, but the most recognized one is the story of a witch named Mary. 

It seems as if bits and pieces of these stories were thrown together to make up the creepy tale of Bloody Mary. Now while many people say that Bloody Mary is just a story, some say that the legend is true. What is agreed upon by paranormal investigators and spiritualist alike is that mirrors are a portal to another realm. Most people don't believe this because they think of a mirror as just that, something that you can look into a see yourself in. 

But could you actually call upon something evil from within a mirror? Could it be a ghost or a demonic entity that could be coming out of the mirror and people are mistaking it for  Bloody Mary? No one really knows but what they do know is that this legend will continue on for all time. 

Do you believe Bloody Mary is real?

Have you ever tried to summon Bloody Mary in the mirror?

Check out the video behind Bloody Mary and let us know! 

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