You May Want To Be Careful Saying This Name In A Mirror At Night

The Legend Of Bloody Mary

The Dark Legend Of Bloody Mary 

The legend of Bloody Mary is one of those spooky stories that most of us grew up with. It’s the tale that involves a malevolent spirit and a mirror, if you call her name out 3 times she supposedly appears and will scratch you, but how real is the story? There are few different versions of the story as well as its origin. Some trace the story back to the time where an evil Queen of England once ruled and would take baths in the blood of virgins thinking it would keep her young forever. Another story came out of a house in Ohio that was destroyed by the name of the Mudhouse mansion. The backstory behind that place is pretty creepy. Supposedly a witch by the name of Mary lived in the mansion for many years.

Bloody Mary, A Legend Or Something More?

Although the mirror story of Bloody Mary may be just a tall tale, spiritualists and paranormal investigators alike agree that mirrors can be portals to the other side. Could saying the name conjures up something very real, something that we don’t expect? No one really knows for sure, but we do know is the story of Bloody Mary will continue to be told during campfires and nighttime scary stories for years to come.

Check out the video behind Bloody Mary and let us know! 

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