West Virginias Moundsville Penitentiary Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

West Virginia State Penitentiary (Moundsville penitentiary)

Virginia State Penitentiary is said to be the most haunted prison in West Virginia. It’s a monstrosity, created to strike fear in the hearts of those that entered its gates. The dark gothic architecture helps to give a creepy vibe, the kind that gives you a shiver down your spine.

Virginia state pen operated from 1876 to 1995. Rumors and stories of ghosts and apparitions were being told since its inception. The prison grounds were said to be built on Native American burial grounds. That could explain the nature of energy in the land.

The Most Haunted Prison In West Virginia

The Penitentiary has held some of the most violent and notorious criminals. Individuals so bad, their stories make horror movies look innocent. There were at least 36 known homicides, that leaves a stain, an imprint.

It’s been showcased on numerous television shows and has even been in a few movies throughout the years.  People who go there say that they hear phantom voices, see inmates, hear footsteps, feel cold spots, and much more.

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Would you stay alone in this place for one night?

If you’re up for a spooky time, check out this place, they have some really cool tours going on! 

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