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The Moth Man | Fact or Fiction 

The Mothman was first sighted sometime around 1966 in West Virginia. The creature is said to partially resemble a man, a moth, and a bat. The creature can fly without a problem, and the sight of it alone is enough to strike fear in anyone.

Could the stories be true?

In the past few decades, sightings of the Mothman or a flying cryptid like creature have been on the rise. Most in the MidWest around Chicago, Northern Indiana, and Lower Michigan. There have been a lot of reports of this flying cryptid in and around the downtown area.

Some say the Mothman is connected to aliens or interdimensional beings. Could it be some type of creature that we still haven’t been able to classify? There are those that say because of its size and features that it’s nocturnal. If it’s flying a lot we wouldn’t be able to see it in the skies at night. Check out the video and let us know what you think. 

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11 thoughts on “Could The Stories Of This Flying Cryptid Monster Be True?”
  1. I Think the Mothman could be real.  I notice in the actual footage with the one kid in a tshirt anwsering questions, he seem very real in in his answers and really believed he saw the Mothman.

  2. Guess I’m a believer of the mothman until someone can prove it w/out a doubt its fake. Same goes for Bigfoot & the paranormal. Plus this stuff is way more fun to read about then then murders & riots 😉

  3. I was born in Charleston WV in 1958 and I have heard stories my daddy told me about the mothman. He was a truck driver and crossed that bridge all the time. I believe in it and would love to have a t-shirt……………….

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