The Mudhouse Mansion Haunting | Ohio

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The Mudhouse Mansion Haunting 

The Home Of Bloody Mary

The Mudhouse Mansion used to sit in a remote area near Columbus, Ohio. The mansion was torn down sometime ago, some say it was because of all the negativity but others say it's because the house was beyond repair.

There are numerous stories of some really odd things going on in this place when it was actually inhabited. But even more stories kept popping up once it was abandoned, some really creepy stories at that! 

 The Origins of The Bloody Mary Legend?

Some say that the Mudhouse Mansion is actually the HOME of the legend of the MIRROR URBAN LEGEND of BLOODY MARY! The reason being is that the children who used to live in the area  would tell tales of the house of the Bloody Mary! Supposedly there was some really creepy stuff that happened to a woman named Mary in this house that led to the urban legend. 

So the real question is this, "could this be where the REAL urban legend of Bloody Mary comes from?" 

A video we found by SOMETHING DARK AND SCARY on the back story of MudHouse Mansion 


Another video by LadyLocksLife  with some more information on Mudhouse Mansion 

Video source – LadyLocksLife

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