The New Orleans Hex Fest Is Back And All Witches Are Invited!

New Orleans Hex Fest

The city of New Orleans already has a creepy vibe and very haunted history. Everywhere you look there’s some kind of place with a haunted history. So what better place is there to have a witch festival than New Orleans?

The Hex Fest will take place from August 7th to August 9th and is going to be held in one of New Orleans most haunted hotels, The Bourbon Orleans. Even better is the fact that the hotel is located in the center of the French Quarter next to Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. Each one is surrounded in mystery because of weird things that have gone done at both locations.

If you’ve ever seen the hotel you would think it belongs on a season of American Horror Story.  Apart from that, New Orleans has a super creepy vibe and a huge history of the occult. The festival is going to be packed with demonstrations, classes, readings, and a lot of vendors for you to spend your money on.

Space at the event is limited to only 300 witches, so if you want a spot held you have to get your tickets as soon as possible. Check out their website for more information here > HEXFEST

Check out this video we found by Austin Shippey and let us know if you’ll be going this year!

Video Source – Austin Shippey

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