A Creepy Inside Look At The Origins Of “Horror Films”

If you’re a horror film fan, have you ever stopped to wonder where it all started? Who was the first person to create a horror film? Where did the idea to create a horror film even come from? Well if you’re one of those people who wonder this, you’ll get your answer in the video below.

People Love To Be Scared!

Why is it that we love to be scared in a controlled environment, but when it comes to real situations we avoid it like the plague? Have you ever been to a real haunted house and WANTED to see something, but deep down inside not really?

You’re not alone…

It’s the same thing with horror movies, we love to see them but a lot of us won’t or can’t watch them alone. The fear of the movie tends to make our minds race and makes our hearts beat faster. But for those who HATE horror movies, we’re sorry to say… They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Check out the video post below we found on this awesome channel Crypticc and let us know your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on horror films? Do you love them or hate them?

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