The Original Hocus Pocus Was Much Darker And Had A Different Name

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Hocus Pocus

The iconic classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus is a favorite for many of us. But how many of you actually knew that the original title was something different? How many of you knew that the story behind it completely changed because of some unwanted rivalry? If you’re a die-hard fan you probably already knew some of this. However, those of you that don’t you’re in for a treat today.

Video Source – People TV

It’s crazy to think that the film’s original product David Kirschner came up for the idea one night on a random happening. He was sitting with his young daughter when a black cat walked by. The idea for the movie instantly popped into his head. However, the original idea was a lot darker. Do you think the dark plot would have been better than the one we have been used to?

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