The Phantom Time Hypothesis

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The Phantom Time Hypothesis 

There's an interesting notion that a period in time didn't actually really happen. If this is the truth than we are actually living in the 18th century, that would explain the many so called prophecies that have never come to pass. How could we have been wrong about our time period and who and why would want to fake time periods? There must have been some reason why they would fake something like this, what could they have benefited from this?

There are many who say that this is true and that there are many fake documents about things that actually happened throughout this phantom time period. It's not the fact that nothing happened during this time period, it's the fact that supposedly days were added to calendars to add an extra time period that actually never happened. 

Yeah it's rattling my brain as well…. 

What do you think about this?

Check out the video via Alltime Conspiracies! 

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