The Phantom Whistler Of Louisiana

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The Phantom Whistler Of Louisiana

In the 1950's there was a strange rash of creepy stalking incidents, the thing was this wasn't your average spooky man doing this. Some say it was a spirit or something of the paranormal realm haunting a few women. They tokened the name THE PHANTOM WHISTLER OR LOUISIANA for a good reason. It's said that this thing would whistle some funeral themed song and would follow it up by letting out a blood curling moan. 

The thing was that this moan didn't sound like something a regular person would make, supposedly all of the witnesses that heard this moan were freaked out beyond belief. On a few occasions men who witnessed it went outside to see who it was doing this but no one was ever found. No one really knows who or why this thing was doing it, but the story lives on until this very day. There are a few odd things that tie the occurrences together though, could this thing be a ghost?

Who knows… 

Check out the full story below 

The Phantom Whistler Of Louisiana




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