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The Rake

The Product Of A Scary Movie Or Could The Rake Be Real?

The Rake sounds like something out of a scary movie, in fact it’s been said that this creature could actually be the real  The Slenderman  among other mythical creatures. But unlike those stories of mythical creatures, there’s a good chance this one is real.

There have been numerous stories and reports of encounters with this creature throughout the years. But the problem is there isn’t any real evidence supporting the claims. Having seen some pretty odd things that I no one would believe I can relate to these kinds of encounters.

But is this one real?

The odd part is that some of the people who have said to have seen this creature seem to have no reason to lie to anyone at all. So why make up a story when you don’t want any type of fame or recognition, especially coming from something that could destroy your credibility?


The first account of this creature go back as far as the 1600’s, unlike the slenderman it’s been around for a very long time and there have some eye witness accounts. 

Check out this short video by  Shun Otsubo  we found.

Check out this short video story about the Rake! 

video source – Shun Otsubo


A woman who supposedly saw the Rake

Do you think she saw it or was this some kind of hoax?

Video Source –  Vicious516 

Was that the Rake or The FAKE? you decide! 

Video Source – shimmjimhog

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