This Haunted Florida Home Has An Attic That’s Hazardous To Men

The Haunted Riddle House

If you’re ever in Palm Beach County, Florida, and are looking for a spooky place to check out, swing by The Riddle House. The haunted Florida home even caught the attention of television shows like Ghost Adventures. Supposedly there’s some pretty intense stuff going on in this house. Some of the action going on is far beyond your average everyday haunted house!

The story goes that one of the caretakers by the name of Joseph hung himself in the attic. The ghost of this caretaker haunts the place, and while he’s ok with women but he especially hates men!  For some odd reason, men who go in the attic get attacked by the ghost of this man. No one really knows why but he had a special dislike for men. 

So for those of you who are men, you may want to think twice before going into this haunted Florida home. The attic is the most prominent part of the house for hauntings. It’s also the place that men get attacked more than anyone else.

Check out the video of this investigation by H.o.p.e Paranormal White Light

Video Source – H.o.p.e Paranormal White Light

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