Screams Can Be Heard From Whatever Room This Skull Is Kept At

The screaming skull of Bettiscombe Manor

Some say that the screaming skull of Bettiscombe Manor is one of the most haunted objects in the world. It’s not because the skull is full of dark powers or anything of the sort, it’s because the skull was moved from its original location. Now if there was something in my yard or in my home that NEVER caused any kind of strange activity prior to finding it, but did cause things to happen AFTER I moved it, would I return it back to its original location?


The activity started when the skull was moved from its original location on the property, but the problem is no one knows WHERE and HOW it got inside of the house. People would hear screaming coming from the room that this skull was in, and when they would open the door they would find an empty room, so who was screaming? There have been other odd things going on with this skull, some are afraid to even be in the same house with it.

What would you do with this skull?

Good question… Check out the video of a brief history of the story of the skull by V&A Museum Of Childhood

Video Source – V&A Museum Of Childhood

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