The Spooky Hotel The Black Monarch To Host a Haunted Writers Retreat

The Black Annis room. Photo by Cait Falc.

If you’re looking to become the next Stephen King or Wes Craven and don’t know where to start at? Maybe you’re already a writer and need some much needed inspiration or ideas for new work? Well if you said yes to either of the questions above the Black Monarch hotel has the answer.

The staff at Suspect Press is going to put on a haunted writers retreat at the Black Monarch Hotel. The event will be filled with all types of spooky activities centered around the hotel and creepy storytelling. They will have different classes set up to help give that much need inspiration and driver for would be horror writers.

The Black Monarch Hotel is the perfect spot for the creepy sessions of the Haunted Retreat. The building itself is loaded with a ton of creepy history. The original location served as a brothel, saloon, and casino. While it was open it was the scene of a lot of death, robbery, and all kinds of other bad things.

Many say those who died there and those who even frequented the location are still around. People have heard screaming coming from empty rooms and even gun shots on some occasions. For more information on the writes retreat, check out their site here > EVENTBRITE HORROR WRITERS RETREAT

Check out this video we found showcasing the Black Monarch Hotel, and why it’s so creepy. You’ll see they picked the perfect location for this type of event

Video Source – Annie Taylor Efremsky

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