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The Strange Death Of Elisa Lam

When I first heard of this story I thought it was just some girl that went crazy and ended up killing herself, that was until I saw the video. It really didn’t make any sense at all what went on in that video, to us it seemed as if there were some outside forces working against her. You couldn’t see anything at all though; it was really strange how odd her behavior became.

This girl really didn’t have any bad mental history or schizophrenia disorders, she as just an average girl, so why did this happen? Some say that it was some kind of disorder that may have been dormant within her, but I don't buy that explanation. Others say that it could have been some kind of gas that was in the building that could have made her go crazy. That's a far stretched theory, if that was the case why didn't anyone else in the building do the same thing?

No one has any clue to what really went on, we can only assume what happened to this young lady from watching the video.

Do you think it had to do with some paranormal?

Could it have been a possession or a poltergeist that was following her that only she could see and we couldn’t?

Was it a mental case, maybe she snapped and had delusional moments that lead to her tragic death?

Whatever the case may be, check out the video and see what you think..

Even with an explanation it's still a very sad story, whatever forces where at work that day are ones that I don't wish on anyone. 

So what do you think went on?

Source- Youtube- DENNIS ROMERO

2 thoughts on “The Strange Death Of Elisa Lam”
  1. Normally I don't comment on these types of pages but …. if you really look at the elevator footage, you'll see she is mimicing the actions of apparent shaow people/ghosts in the elevator. First when she's hitting all the buttons, you can see a shadow doing exactly the same thing once she is out of the elevator, there is also a tall shadow on the door when it closes. Both shadows are showing movement in the same actions she did. I'm no expert but I would say she was influenced by something in the building.

  2. i dont think its paranormal.  she's clearly distressed.  maybe someone was following her. the elevator is old and maybe it was malfunctioning.  why are there no other cameras in the hotel except for this one?  i think its a cover up from the hotel.  maybe an employee was bothering her.  whatever happened it sure is sad.  poor girl. 

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