The Strange Disappearance Of Ashley Kansas

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The Strange Happening Of  Ashley Kansas 

Could This Story Be True?

We've heard and learned about a ton of different scary places, haunted objects, and other spooky things, but this story tops the cake. While some say that the story is true there are others and various sources that say the story is made up. Now if a story like this were true wouldn't you think it would make headline news? Then again if the news showcased a story like this the world would probably go into chaos right after hearing about it. 

The disappearance of Ashley, Kansas is a story that sounds like something out of a horror movie. The things that lead up to the town completely vanishing are rather frightening to say the least. Even if the story is false, it is still one story that will stick with you and pop back up in your mind anytime you drive by a small town. Some say Ashley, Kansas actually existed and that there was a tragic fire that consumed the tiny town, but others say it never did. 

Whatever you choose to believe, check out this creepy story by MRCREEPYPASTAS

The Strange Disappearance Of  Ashley Kansas 



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