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The Terrifying Inspirations For The Horror Movie Candyman

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Inspiration Behind Candyman

Jordan Peeles reboot of the the 1992 iconic horror movie “Candyman” hit theaters last year with a vengeance. We thought it would be fitting to showcase where the inspiration behind the terrifying character. In the movie the Candyman is an urban legend who draws his power from those who believe in him. Anyone who calls his name 5 times in a mirror summons him and eventually becomes his victim.


The character was based off of 2 inspirations, both are pretty terrifying urban legends that we’ve all heard about at some point in our life. The first was that of the legend of Bloody Mary, which is obvious from the fact that you can summon him through a mirror just like Bloody Mary.

The other inspiration is the reason the character has a hook. It comes from the old urban legend where a young couple is in a car in lonely area. They hear a radio report of a mental patient that escaped with a hook for a hand. They end up hearing something outside of the car, the boyfriend investigates and doesn’t end up coming back. The girlfriend goes to see where he is and finds he’s been killed by the hook arm killer.

Are you excited for the new Candyman movie coming out this June? Check out the trailer that just came out by Universal Pictures

Video Source – Universal Pictures

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