The Top 10 Worst Horror Movies


The Top 10 Worst Horror Movies 

We've all seen a horror movie and thought to ourselves " Why on earth am I watching this movie?". The problem is that sometimes the movie is so bad that we continue to watch the movie even though it's horrible. But then there are those movies that are so terrible that we turn off the movie in a fit of rage and end up having a bad day because of it

But what is about the movies that are terrible that keep us feeling trapped and make us watch the whole movie? Then we wonder WHY we watched that movie but don't actually regret watching it in the first place. A movie that did this to me was a horror movie about a TIRE that killed people by the name of "Rubber". 

What's the worst movie that you've ever seen?

Check out this video by All Time Movies and let us know what you think! 

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