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This Ohio Unsolved Mystery Will Leave You Scratching Your Head! 

The Unsolved Ohio Mystery 

This has to be one of the oddest stories we've come across. Most stories have some creepy or spooky back story behind them, but this one really doesn't,well at least at first it doesn't. So supposedly someone was mad at someone for something they did  and started writing letters, at first it wasn't anything too out of the norm until something bad happened. Then it seemed as if the mystery person finally vanished the letters started back up again, but why?

The real question is why would someone go to this kind of length to keep sending letters of this nature? Why would you keep doing this, it just doesn't make any sense. Could it be that they wanted to be known yet unknown for all of time? I mean sending things like this isn't going to change anything at all, they're lucky they didn't actually get caught. This story is extremely odd, so check out the video and see what you think. 

Why do you think someone woudl go to these lengths to do something like this?

The Unsolved Ohio Mystery 


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